Smoked Crispy Chicken Wings

  Smoked Crispy Chicken Wings 5 pounds chicken wings flats and drumettes2 1/2 TBS baking powder3 tsp Mike's SPG All-Purpose Seasoning - Purchase HereOptional Wing Sauces:Fiery Wing Sauce - Purchase HereRaspberry Chipotle Balsamic BBQ Sauce - Purchase Here1 cup of Red-Hot Buffalo sauce and 2 Tablespoons of butter. (Warm over medium heat and stir until [...]

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Louisiana Hot Crab Dip

  Louisiana Hot Crab Dip 1/2 pound jumbo lump crabmeat1 8oz package cream cheese1/2 cup mayonnaise1/4 cup grated Parmesan3 TBS minced green onions (white and green parts)2 large garlic cloves (minced)2 tsp Worcestershire sauce2 TBS fresh lemon juice1 tsp hot sauce2 tsp Get-R-Smoked Louisiana Style Cajun Seasoning - Purchase HereSalt and pepper to taste Preheat [...]

Olive Oil Fried Chips & Guacamole

  Olive Oil Fried Chips & Guacamole 6 Large Flour Tortillas1/2 inch Olive Oil Marketplace Spanish EVOO - Purchase Here2 TBS Olive Oil Marketplace Jalapeño Olive Oil - Purchase Here2 Avocados1/2 Lemon1 Jar Earth Candy Pickled Grape Tomatoes or 12 Cherry Tomatoes - Purchase Here3 TSP Get-R-Smoked Mikes SPG All-Purpose Seasoning - Purchased HereFresh Cilantro [...]

Pomodoro Piatto

  Pomodoro Piatto Earth Candy Pickled Grape Tomatoes - Purchase HereTerrapin Ridge Avo Aioli Roasted Garlic - Purchase HereParmesan cheeseFrench bread Toast french bread in oven @ 350 for 8-10 minutes.Smear Aioli on bread.Place tomato on top and flatten.Top with parmesan cheese.Buon Appetito! Get the Recipe Here! Appetizer

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Dill Roasted Asparagus

Dill Roasted Asparagus 1 bunch asparagusOlive Oil Marketplace Dill EVOO - Purchase HereOlive Oil Marketplace White Lemon Balsamic - Purchase HereShredded Parmesan cheese Lay fresh asparagus on a baking sheet.Drizzle with Dill Oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and toss to coat.Spread out in a single layer. Roast at 400 degrees for 10 - 12 [...]

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Strawberry, Basil, Mozzarella Skewers

Strawberry, Basil, Mozzarella Skewers 1/4 cup Olive Oil Marketplace Walberry Balsamic - Purchase Here24 fresh mozzarella balls24 basil leaves24 strawberries. hulled12 wooden skewers thread 2 of each mozzarella, basil and strawberries onto each skewer.Arrange on serving platter; drizzle with balsamic. Appetizer, Recipes

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Butternut Squash Steaks

  Butternut Squash Steaks 1 large butternut squash - about 3ILB ( preferably one with a long thick neck)1 Tbsp. Olive Oil Marketplace Spanish EVOO - Purchased Here2 Tbsp. Olive Oil Marketplace Butter EVOO - Purchased Here6 sage leaves2 garlic cloves (crushed)1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juiceKosher salt (freshly ground pepper) Cut the neck off of [...]

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Shrimp in a Sausage Blanket

Shrimp in a Sausage Blanket 1-2 lbs large shrimp (26/30 or larger, (peeled with tail left on))Get-R-Smoked East Coast Seafood & Crab Seasoning - Purchased HereGet-R-Smoked Sweet & Spicy Southern Rub - Purchased HereGround sausage (hot or mild (1 lb makes 12-16))Get-R-Smoked Smoked Fig Balsamic BBQ Sauce - Purchased Here If your shrimp are frozen, [...]

Asparagus and Ricotta Bruschetta

Asparagus and Ricotta Bruschetta 1 pound thick asparagus1 cup ricottaZest from 1 lemon1 tablespoon lemon juice1 heaping tablespoon chopped fresh parsley1/8 teaspoon saltPinch freshly ground black pepper8 1/2-inch thick slices good crusty bread cut from a sourdough or country loaf2 tablespoons Olive Oil Marketplace Walnut Oil - Purchase HereFor garnish:Olive Oil Marketplace Walnut Oil - [...]

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Smoked Cheesy Jalapeno Meatballs

  Smoked Cheesy Jalapeno Meatballs ½ lb ground beef½ lb ground breakfast sausage hot1 cup jalapenos diced½ cup cheddar shredded (mild or sharp)2 TBS Get-R-Smoked Sweet &Spicy Southern Rub - Purchased Here4 oz cream cheeseGet-R-Smoked Smoked Fig Balsamic BBQ Sauce Add all ingredients to large bowl and combine with your hands but do not over [...]


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