Olive Oil Marketplace “Private Parties / Tastings”

Need an Afternoon or Night Out with Friends? How about a new and different place to host your next special event such as Girls or Guys night out, a birthday party, or a bridal shower? Bring your clients, friends and family, corporate team, or club to the Olive Oil Marketplace for a private tasting / educational event as part of your special event or corporate event at Olive Oil Marketplace.

Did you know tasting olive oil is as complex as wine, beer, or cheese tasting? Curious about what makes a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil better than what might be sitting in your kitchen cupboard? We’d love to show you! In our OLIVE OIL TASTING CLASS we will give you a brief history of olive oil, the differences between Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, and other grades of oil you are likely to buy in a supermarket. We’ll explain how it’s made, and walk you through how to best taste and appreciate Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Choose from our demonstration options to create an experience that’s perfect for you and your guests.