Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information for Extracts Infused in our Oils and Balsamics

Why don’t we have nutritional or calorie info for our extracts? Because there aren’t any!!

A fruit is made up of a lot of things. Take an orange for example: An orange is made up of lots of different things – water, fiber, citric acid, carbohydrates, essential oils and flavor components. To make flavors we separate out the flavor components. We mix and match them to get the flavor profile we want.

For example, our orange extract is created to have a Valencia orange profile. When the flavor components come from natural sources it is considered a natural flavor (except vanilla which is only considered natural if the flavor components come from vanilla beans). When the flavor components are synthesized in a lab to duplicate natural chemicals then they are considered artificial. All our extracts and flavors are natural without any lab work or additives. Since only the flavor component is used, therefore the extract itself has no nutritional components or calories.

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