The Garlic Chop cuts fresh garlic quickly and easily without transferring strong odors to your hands! With just a twist of the bulb-shaped garlic chopper, you can chop up to 4 cloves of garlic at once to any desired size, from coarsely chopped to diced, minced, crushed and even garlic paste! The more you turn, the finer it chops. Enjoying the health benefits of garlic has never been easier. Make homemade garlic bread, garlic shrimp – even garlic infused olive oil. The Garlic Chop’s interlocking teeth are super strong – strong enough to cut and chop other veggies, such as onions, carrots, ginger and chili peppers. The inner plate lifts your chopped ingredients to the surface for easy access, with just the push of a button! No more digging or scraping your garlic out, like you would from a garlic press. Made from BPA-free polycarbonate with a grooved exterior for slip-free operation, even when hands are wet! Super strong, easy to use. Rinses clean or top-rack dishwasher safe.