Terrapin Ridge Farms
I grew up in a family that loved to host parties – our annual Thanksgiving Day Open House was legendary. My friends loved to hang out at our house and everybody was extra excited when it was Aunt Rosie’s (my mom’s) turn to host the holiday party. She made it look so easy. Her secret was a laid back style and effortless, great-tasting food. The spread looked and tasted like she fussed for days.

I discovered early on I inherited this love of entertaining. This has drawn me into the Specialty Food Industry. The difference in entertaining today is the incredible time crunch we all experience and all of the wonderful new flavors and ingredients that were not readily available “back in the day”. My joy comes in blending intense flavors, varied textures, and spicy/sweet combinations to create unexpected flavor adventures that become the next “gotta have” product for you, our customer. These products can be used with one or two additional ingredients to create the most amazing dishes with very little effort. Thank you for your interest in Terrapin Ridge Farms.

Relax, enjoy and create your food adventure!


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