This extra virgin olive oil is unfiltered and naturally settled. One word says it all . . . GARLIC! Great on pizza, crusty bread, pasta, meat, seafood, sautéing vegetables, or potatoes. JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!! Braised chicken prepared with this oil with knock your socks off. Blend with our Basil Olive Oil for a unique taste.

Balsamic Pairings: Traditional Aged Balsamic 


Suggested Recipes:

Eggplant Pomodoro Pasta
Italian Mussels & Pasta
Chicken Marsala w/ Roasted Garlic
Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Apples And Prosciutto
Midnight Spaghetti
Roasted Garlic & Jalapeno Brussels Sprouts
Skillet Garlic Butter Steak/Chicken & Potatoes
Cajun Butter Cod