Amazing Smoked Pineapple

Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 3-5 hours Smoker Temp: 240°F Recommended Wood: Cherry or Apple



Prep Pineapple for Stuffing

  • This includes removing the top, peeling the pineapple, removing the eyes and hollowing out the inside of the pineapple like a mug. (I would be lying if I said this was quick and easy, it takes a bit time and if you get in a hurry you risk splitting the pineapple.

Remove the top.

  • Slice about ¾ of an inch below the top and set that aside. We'll be using it again.
  • Using a very sharp knife, cut the peel from the pineapple along the sides.
  • Remove the eyes either by cutting them out one by one or by using the spiral
  • Hollow out the inside of the pineapple using a sharp knife and some patience.(I used a sharp knife to cut around the perimeter to the depth I wanted. I then carefully whittled out the fruit piece by piece until the entire insides were removed with only a ¾ inch wall around the sides and a ¾ floor on the bottom.)
  • Once the pineapple is hollowed out, it's ready to stuff.

Stuff the Pineapple

  • Place as much of the meat as possible into the hollow of the pineapple.(Be careful of stuffing to much so it does not try to split.) - Enjoy the remaining Pulled Pork on a sandwich..
  • Drizzle some of our barbecue sauce down into the meat for extra flavor.
  • Add some of the crushed pineapple on top of the meat if you like.
  • Place the top of the pineapple back into position on top of the stuffed pineapple.
  • Use 3-4 long wooden skewers to secure the top to the rest of the ensemble.
  • You can then cut the sticks off. leave ½ inch of the stick above the pineapple so you have something to grab when ready to pull them out.

Bacon Wrap

  • Wrap Bacon Around Stuffed Pineapple Note: some folks use a bacon weave but I opted to just wrap. Both methods work great.
  • Bacon can be stretched up to nearly twice it's length (if you are careful) and this is perfect for wrapping pineapple since you will most likely need about 16 inches of bacon to make it all the way around the pineapple with a little overlap.
  • Lay down about 6 strips of stretched bacon slightly overlapping on the sides.
  • Lay the pineapple onto the bacon and bring the bacon over the top of the pineapple trying to cover it completely.
  • Now roll the pineapple to finish the wrapping process.
  • Secure the ends of the bacon with small toothpicks.
  • Sprinkle our Sweet & Spicy Southern Rub all over the outside of the pineapple.
  • Set the finished pineapple up onto a grill pan or a cookie sheet and it is ready for the smoker.

Time to Smoke

  • Set up your smoker for indirect cooking at about 240°F and place the pan with the pineapple into the smoker.
  • Keep the smoker going for about 3 hours or until the bacon starts to crisp.
  • When the smoked pineapple is finished remove it from the smoker and admire your artwork.
  • Remove the skewers holding on the top and the toothpicks that held the bacon in place.
  • Remove the top, slice and serve immediately.
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