Smoked Shrimp – Stuffed and Bacon Wrapped

These smoked shrimp make a great appetizer or even a main entree depending on your setting. Smoker Temp: 225 F Recommended wood - Apple


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Peel the Shrimp

    Butterflying the Shrimp

    • Using a sharp knife, make a cut along the outside edge of the shrimp without cutting all the way through.

    Marinating the Shrimp

    • Once all of the shrimp are peeled with tails removed, and butterflied, place them into a large zip top bag.
    • Pour about 1/2 cup of Get-R-Smoked Sweet & Spicy Southern Rub (purchase here) into the bag right on top of the shrimp.
    • Seal the bag and roll it around to thoroughly coat the shrimp with the rub.
    • Once the shrimp are coated well, place the bag of shrimp in the fridge for 3 hours. The delicious rub will mix with the delectable juices in the shrimp and create a marinade that will overwhelm your taste-buds!

    Making the Stuffing

    Precooking the Bacon

    • I highly recommend pre-cooking the bacon. The shrimp cook so quickly that the bacon doesn't even have time to start getting done in the smoker.
    • Preheat the oven to 375°F
    • Place strips of bacon on a baking sheet
    • Cook bacon for about 6 minutes then remove (no flipping or turning required)*
    • "Use thin cut bacon. If the bacon is thicker, it will probably require more time to pre-cook.

    Stuffing and Wrapping the Shrimp"

    • After 3 hours the shrimp are done marinating and can be removed from the fridge. Do NOT rinse.
    • Place about 1/2 teaspoon of the cream cheese mixture into the butterflied part of each shrimp then wrap a half-slice of pre-cooked bacon around it's midriff. Secure with a toothpick and place on the Non-Stick Grilling Mesh Sheet (purchase here)

    Getting the Smoker Ready

    • Set your smoker up for cooking at about 225°F with your favorite wood.
    • Once the smoker is maintaining a steady temperature, it is ready for the shrimp.
    • If your smoker has a water pan, use it.

    Smoking the Shrimp

    When Are the Shrimp Finished Cooking?

    • Most shrimp will turn pinkish when they are done and this is a good indicator but you do not want to overcook shrimp or they will get rubbery. The meat will turn from translucent to somewhat opaque when they are near perfect.
    • They will also feel firm and plump.
    • Shrimp will also curl into a distinct “C” shape when they are finished but this is somewhat subjective.
    • I recommend making sure that your smoker is absolutely maintaining 225°F at grate level using a very reliable thermometer then let them cook for 20-25 minutes. Check them again in 5 minute intervals if they are not quite done yet.

    Serving the Shrimp


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