Mild & Sweet

Take the guesswork out of great BBQ with this unique and delicious Peach Melba Balsamic BBQ Sauce. Smooth texture, bright fruity aroma, sweet spicy flavor with a hint of lingering heat – all the things you are looking for in a great BBQ sauce.

Use it on leftover chicken with crunchy carrots for a quick sandwich, give your Hawaiian (ham and pineapple) pizza a makeover and use this as the sauce, brush over vegetables before grilling, slice fresh peaches and slather with sauce before broiling, roast corn on the cob dipped in BBQ sauce and then wrapped in aluminum foil, great on Tofu Steaks, Bratwurst, and of course, all of the traditional uses. . These Balsamic Barbecue Sauces are never complicated to use, and are always extraordinary!