Chauvin CoffeeChauvin Coffee continues a tradition of coffee roasting in Saint Louis, Missouri. Until the mid 1920’s, Saint Louis was the largest coffee roasting city in the world, with over 75 major coffee roasting plants.In the 1800’s coffee was brought up the Mississippi River by steamboats from New Orleans. Brokers and roasters would purchase the coffee right off the boats and levee. Saint Louis got its reputation as the “Gateway to the West” by supplying the westward expansion of the United States with staples such as coffee, sugar, salt, and hard goods.Chauvin Coffee is in its fourth generation as a family coffee roaster and continues the coffee roasting tradition. We do not rest, but we use our knowledge and experience to constantly keep evolving and improving our coffees and techniques.Roasting Process                 StorageAll coffees are available whole bean or ground. PLEASE SPECIFY IN COMMENTS WHEN ORDERING. (Default will be Ground)


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