How do you flavor the Oils and Vinegars?

We use all natural, mainly liquid flavorings. We stir the flavorings into the oil or balsamic just prior to bottling and everything is also made to order for maximum freshness. No heat is used in the process. The EVOO uses EVOO based flavorings, the balsamic uses alcohol extract-based flavorings. Some product use dry spices which [...]

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Olive Oil has a lot of Calories: Should I be concerned?

In a word, no. There are three terms that often have negative implication that are not necessarily negative: Calories, Fat and Cholesterol. There are good sides to each of them. Calories: Calories are essential because they give us energy; however, not all calories are created equal. 100 calories from fruit will burn off extremely fast, [...]

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What’s the Difference Between Extra-Virgin & Regular Olive Oil?

What's the Difference Between Extra-Virgin & Regular Olive Oil? It seems we're always grabbing for a bottle of "good" olive oil. For the most part, cookbook authors are referring to extra-virgin olive oil, the almighty elixir that sits a bit higher on the supermarket shelf than the regular version. But what exactly makes a bottle [...]

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How Long Does Olive Oil Last

When you think about it, olive oil is basically fresh-squeezed juice. That means it's perishable and unlike wine, it doesn't get better with age. The fresher it is, the better it tastes, and the better it is for you! Consuming it regularly not only makes for a healthy diet but also ensures that you're getting [...]

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Where Does Your Olive Oil Come From?

Since 4000 BC, olive oil has been used in culinary, spiritual, medicinal and practical applications. Why has it sustained such an incredible tenure? And with it's increasing popularity, where exactly does it come from today? WHERE DOES YOUR OLIVE OIL COME FROM? Olive oil is produced all over the world. Olives have been cultivated for [...]

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Myths about cooking with Olive Oil

Myth: Heating Olive Oil Will Make it Saturated or Trans-fatty. One common myth is that heating olive oil will make it saturated or trans-fatty. This is not true. As far as making a saturated fat, according to Dr. A. Kiritsakis, a world renowned oil chemist in Athens, in his book Olive Oil from the Tree [...]

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Baking with Olive Oil

In baking dishes are turning up which highlight excellent extra virgin olive oil. In such recipes, both the richness and the enhanced flavor of an excellent extra virgin olive oil contribute the the success of the final dish. In order to really highlight the flavor of the oil a small amount could be drizzled over [...]

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Preserving with Olive Oil

The use of olive oil as a medium for preserving food probably began as an extension of olive oil as a cosmetic balm for the skin. Just as covering the body with oil oil protects and enriches the skin, submerging food items in oil crates a hermetic environment, which helps prevent microbial and oxidation spoilage [...]

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