Natural gourmet sea salts enhance the flavor of your foods and your life. Home chefs are discovering bold new ways to prepare and present familiar and exotic foods. Natural sea salts have many essential minerals that will bring out unique flavors in your food as well as help your body assimilate nutrients more efficiently.

Natural gourmet sea salts are best used to finish foods just before eating so that you may enjoy the full effect of their flavor enhancing properties. You will find the look, feel and taste of each hand-crafted natural sea salt will differ due to the influence of the salt artisan who produced it. As you explore the world of natural gourmet sea salts and all their varied uses, you will be proud to share your culinary discoveries with your family and friends alike.

Would you roll a small pinch of common table salt between fingers to feel the texture of its crystals?  How about putting some directly on your tongue to feel it dissolve and to savor its flavor? No, you probably wouldn’t because all industrially refined table salt has these things in common; its almost pure sodium chloride, its white, it has small uniform crystals, its moisture free, its slow to dissolve, it contains the same additives of iodine, sugar and ferrocyanide and most importantly it all tastes exactly the same.