3 Things You Need to Know About Raw Honey (Buying Tips)

What's raw honey? Why isn't all honey raw? It's probably not too difficult to remember well what "raw" means when you associate it with uncooked vegetables and meat whereby any form of heating is avoided so as to ensure all the natural vitamins and living enzymes and other nutritional elements are preserved. 1. Why Raw [...]

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Can local honey help pollen allergies

Local honey for allergies – does it work? Aside from raw honey, the most misunderstood beehive product is the concept of local honey. Vague rumors about its possible allergy-prevention virtues are becoming more prevalent, prompting people to seek honey that is “local”, thinking that it might be good for allergies. But what does “local” mean? [...]

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How Long Does Olive Oil Last

When you think about it, olive oil is basically fresh-squeezed juice. That means it's perishable and unlike wine, it doesn't get better with age. The fresher it is, the better it tastes, and the better it is for you! Consuming it regularly not only makes for a healthy diet but also ensures that you're getting [...]

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Where Does Your Olive Oil Come From?

Since 4000 BC, olive oil has been used in culinary, spiritual, medicinal and practical applications. Why has it sustained such an incredible tenure? And with it's increasing popularity, where exactly does it come from today? WHERE DOES YOUR OLIVE OIL COME FROM? Olive oil is produced all over the world. Olives have been cultivated for [...]

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Cutting Calories with Balsamics!

Cutting Calories with Balsamics! We see and hear from a lot of customers asking how can I cut calories. Dieters, weight watchers and diabetics come into the store asking for health benefits from Balsamics. Many are referred by their medical physicians seeking out the benefits behind the healthy choice and spectacular flavor. Slightly sweet and [...]

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