Who doesn’t love garlic butter?

A tasty combination of Roasted Garlic and Butter flavors.  This extra virgin olive oil can be used in so many ways:
Use as a popcorn topping
Toss into your favorite pasta with some shaved Parmesan for a simple, yet delicious dinner.
Use to sauté mushrooms – add some Rosemary EVOO to add an herbal component
Broil sourdough bread with Garlic Butter EVOO for a simple garlic toast to complement your favorite Italian meal
Add to your water when steaming clams or mussels
Pair with our Meyer Lemon EVOO for roasted potatoes
Use to sear, bake, sauté, or grill seafood and shellfish
Use with some Parmesan EVOO to make a yummy shrimp scampi
Use to roast pretty much any vegetable – add some dried onion flakes as well

EVOO Pairings:
Any of our herbal EVOOs – Basil, Dill, Rosemary
Black Garlic EVOO
Chipotle or Roasted Chile EVOO to add some spice
Parmesan EVOO or Parmesan & Basil EVOO
Zesty Onion EVOO for some onion and spice
Balsamic Pairings:
Bell Pepper Dark Balsamic to create a delicious marinade
Make a sauce for proteins by pairing with Fig Dark Balsamic
Drizzle Italian Herb Dark Balsamic over your Garlic Butter EVOO sautéed mushrooms
Mix with White Lemon Balsamic for a sauce for seafood


Suggested Recipes: