Naturally Flavored EVOO – Depending on the Harvest of olives and climate of the region our base oil will change periodically, but only using the smoothest yet lightest Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1st Press) we can find as they have a more subtle natural flavor that does not compete with the flavor being infused. (Most other companies use a canola or sunflower oil as a base oil )

One question that usually comes up is about our butter flavor: Are we using actual butter? No. How is it “natural” then? Scientists figured out that a molecule called diacetyl is what gives butter it’s butter flavor. They can make this artificially, but they can also obtain it naturally from many other sources in nature. Sweet potatoes, for instance, have a high concentration of diacetyl. Our flavor manufacturer has a proprietary (secret) process by which they extract this substance from sweet potatoes. Hence “natural” butter flavor.

All of the flavorings are natural, vegan and allergen free. They use a process of combining different components to mimic flavors. There is no cheese in our Parmesan flavoring, no meat in our bacon flavoring, etc.

Naturally Flavored Olive Oil – Our Naturally flavored olive oils are in a different section. These are flavored differently than the extra virgin olive oils. You’ll notice they are all spicy flavors (chile, chipotle, jalapeño, habanero, etc.). To get the best flavor, these are created by actually soaking in the pure olive oil (2nd press) for a period of time depending on the flavor.