YES you can make our soups in your slow cooker

All slow cookers are a little different, this is the process we found to work best. If you need to cook on Medium or High settings depending on the time when you need it to be done. For example, if you are gone all day you might leave it on Medium, but if you need dinner ready in four or five hours you might go with High.


1. Add all ingredients except Dairy or noodles

2. Cook for 4 or more hours

3. Add noodles, cheese, or other dairy 30 to 45 minutes before serving

For Bean Soups: You can choose not to soak overnight as long as you cook on High all day (High takes the place of soaking). But be sure to rinse beans either way. Meats can be added in the beginning to the slow cooker as long as they are lean. Meats that are high in fat, we suggest you cook before adding to slow cooker in order to drain off the excess grease.

*All items should reach 165⁰