Celtic Sea Salt® has a naturally occurring, trace amount of iodine at around 0.68 parts per million. Even though it is an important mineral component, our salt is not considered a significant source of daily iodine. However, it is an all-natural, pure source of iodine that is quickly absorbed and stored in your body! Doctors who recommend non-iodized salt for their patients refer them to Celtic Sea Salt® brand.

You may want to research the process of how other salts are iodized. A salt labeled as “Iodized” typically means that is was chemically added to the salt, possibly using an additive to bind the iodine to that salt. Thus, it is a misnomer that salt alone is a high source of iodine. Our Celtic Sea Salt® Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning contains 350 mcg of Iodine per ¼ tsp. This is our version of a truly natural, iodine rich sea salt.