Cutting Calories with Balsamics!

We see and hear from a lot of customers asking how can I cut calories. Dieters, weight watchers and diabetics come into the store asking for health benefits from Balsamics. Many are referred by their medical physicians seeking out the benefits behind the healthy choice and spectacular flavor. Slightly sweet and sour flavor, is a low-calorie condiment you can use in place of heavy sauces to flavor your next meal. Drizzle balsamic on salads, steamed or grilled veggies. Balsamics are a great marinate for lean meats and chicken

The main active compound in balsamic vinegar is acetic acid, which contains strains of probiotic bacteria. These probiotics don’t just preserve food — they can also enable healthy digestion and improve gut health. There’s also positive immune system benefits to having these healthy bacteria called gut biome. The probiotic compounds in acetic acid could be part of the reason some people swear balsamic vinegar makes them feel full.

Balsamic Vinegar & Weight Loss
Effective weight loss requires eating fewer calories than you burn off daily. While some foods can hinder weight loss, vinegar may help reduce your overall calorie intake and shed pounds. However, balsamic vinegar will only help you lose weight if used as part of a reduced-calorie meal plan.

Calories in Balsamic Vinegar
While balsamic vinegar is a fairly low-calorie food, the calories in it are mainly from grape must. The good news is a 1-tablespoon portion of our white balsamic vinegar contains just 30 calories (dark balsamic 36), which can help you control your overall calorie intake when used in place of higher-calorie salad dressings such as Italian, ranch, French or Thousand Island dressings. For example, 1 tablespoon of French dressing provides about 73 calories and a 1-tablespoon portion of ranch dressing contains 63 calories.

Sugar Content
Our balsamic is made up of 80% grape must and 20% Red Wine Vinegar all imported from Modena, Italy – (Most other companies use 40% Grape must and 60% Red Wine Vinegar)
By using the 80/20 we ensure you have the thickest, sweetest best tasting Balsamic that will last longer (little will go a long way). Yes, by using more grape must it will increase the sugar and calorie count a little, however it is all natural sugar from the fruits. In fact, it’s probably one of the sweetest vinegar’s on the market. But ironically, many research studies have found that adding 1 – 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to your meal can help certain diabetics improve their blood sugar control.

We are expanding our line of White Balsamics for those customers who do not care for the coloring of the Dark Balsamics. Whites are great for marinating white meat. Our dark Balsamics is not artificial coloring. We have many many flavors to choose from. There is a flavor for everyone’s taste buds. One out of every four customers do not like the same flavor.

We have seen the results and heard the testimonies of many of our customers that have had great weight loss results

Being consistent with a combined healthy diet and regular exercise is a big key to your results, cheating is not an option if you want to reach your goal.