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OOM @ Mushroom Festival & Hunt
Sunday, Apr 23rd
Come join us as we remotely set up with free samples from the Olive Oil Marketplace
Always a good time at Pere Marquette…
This event is free and open to the public and great for all ages! Come join us for live music, unique craft vendors, lunch in the restaurant, locally made wines, and all there is to know about Morel mushrooms!
The Great Morel Hunt will be held at 1pm (weather and morel permitting). You’ll join fellow hunters from all over the area as you scan the ground for these delicious delicacies! If you’re new to mushroom hunting, not to worry! The Lodge will have 2 seasoned hunters out in the woods with you for help! Once the hunt is over, bring your finds back to the Lodge to see if you found the smallest, biggest, or most Morel shrooms. If you do, you’ll be taking home a free night stay to our one of a kind Lodge! The hunt is free! Please wear sturdy shoes as you will be on uneven ground. Spring is in the air and mushrooms are on the ground…let’s find em!
For our customers who can’t make it to the store: If you have any special request for any of the products we carry, let us know and we will be sure to bring them with us for you.