An Italian tradition of homemade baked bread, cut into thin crisp crostini slices, topped with fresh sea salt, lends itself to the perfect snack or accompaniment to your favorite sweet or savory toppings.
Suggested Uses:  Top with ELKI’s crostini spreads, bruschettas and tapenades. Enjoy with your favorite cheeses, meats, smoked salmon or serve along-side hot artichoke dip at your next party. Create a delicious Mediterranean platter of cheeses, prosciutto, salami, marinated olives and ELKI’s Scandinavian Delight Preserves. Crumble over salads in place of croutons. Make mini grilled cheese sandwiches by melting cheese between two crostini’s and serve with a bowl of hot soup or salad.
The options are limitless.  Enjoy!