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The Smart Way To Time and Track Your Food.
The Q-Tech Bluetooth thermometer is the smart way to monitor your food as it cooks on the grill. Stay connected to your grill & ensure perfectly-cooked meats every time.

For monitoring temperatures and cooking times via your smartphone. The smart way to time and track your food.

Download the Q-Tech app & pair your phone with the thermometer. The app will alert you to the temperature of your food & when it’s done. With customizable timers & temperature ranges along with 11 presets for beef, pork, poultry, & more, you can perfect your grilled creation. Your thermometer stays connected to your phone within a range of up to 80′, & includes a base & 26″ connecting cable so your probe can reach every part of your grill.

Probe connects to transmitter with an extra-long cord so you can reach every part of your grill. Stainless steel probe pierces meat for an accurate internal reading. Heat-resistant base has a magnetic grip to firmly attach to your grill.

How To Care For Your Bluetooth Thermometer:

Clean with soft cloth, store away from direct sunlight and high humidity. If thermometer will not be used for an extended length of time, remove batteries for storage to avoid damage to product.

Please Note:

Do not submerge device in water or expose to high heat or direct flame.

Probe is sharp, handle with caution.

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