Go pro with this pair of pit mitt pro gloves. If you’re a serious griller or pit master, you need to protect your most important tools: your hands! the pit mitt pro gloves let you retain dexterity while still protecting you from high heat. The gloves are constructed of aramid fiber, polyester, & cotton with a soft cotton blend lining for comfort. These aramid fibers, also used in aerospace & military applications, form a barrier that prevents heat from entering the inner layer for ultimate protection. Mitts come as a pair to keep both hands safe from heat & have a silicone textured surface for superior grip. These gloves can also be used in the kitchen or anywhere you come in contact with hot surfaces.

USE: This product can be used at your grill, in the kitchen, or anywhere you come in contact with hot surfaces.

CARE: Hand wash only with mild dishwashing soap. Hang to dry.

WARNING: Pit mitt does not protect against heat from hot liquids. If gloves get wet, remove immediately from hands & dry completely before next use. Do not use over recommended temperature of 450 Degree f (232 Degree c).