Infuse your meat with flavor & moisture in less time than it takes to marinate it! with this Injector, you can add your choice of marinade, brine, or other liquid right where it needs to be: on the inside of your meat. This marinade Injector includes two needle tips for different kinds of marinade: use the single-hole needle tip for thicker marinades, sauces, or pastes, & use the multi-pinhole tip for thinner marinades, brines, beers, or wines. When not in use, you can clip your needle tips to the injector’s cap for easy storage.

TO USE: prepare your liquid, brine, or marinade. Use the needle tip with the single large opening for thicker liquids, & the tip with the closed end & small pinholes for thinner liquids. Make sure the Plunger is all the way down, then insert the end of the needle into your liquid, covering all holes. Hold the Injector in one hand, & slowly draw back the Plunger with the other to fill the Injector. Pierce your meat with the needle tip, & depress the Plunger to distribute the liquid into the inside of the meat. Cook your meal according to your recipe.

WARNING: needles are sharp. Use caution when handling. Do not leave near heat source.