Emulsify with ease using the Emulstir – another ingenious
product by Chef’n. The Emulstir allows any chef to single-handedly blend an
array of ingredients for salad dressings and vinaigrettes. The Emulstir is easy
to use, simply fill the acrylic container with select ingredients and squeeze
the lever to activate the stirring wand. The uniquely designed stirrer evenly
blends the contents of the Emulstir and unites even tough to combine
ingredients like eggs and oil for mayonaise. The pour spout dispenses the
perfect amount of dressing for drizzling on salads or other delicious dishes.
In a clean design and vibrant color, the Emulstir is a charming addition to any
kitchen and great for use on the table. There’s no need to use a whisk to
emulsify by hand, thanks to the Chef’n Emulstir.

Color: Arugula. Dishwasher safe – top rack.

Measures 3 by 3 by 8.1 inches