Cheese Baker, Gourmet Provence -Set of 3-Pieces Trudeau


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  • Stoneware cheese baker
  • Set includes stoneware cheese plate with handle and stoneware top cover with small holes
  • Also includes large bladed stainless steel spreader
  • Easy to use; place cheese on base, cover with lid, and bake
  • Spread delicious cheese on bread, pita or crackers

Does the idea of baked cheese melt your heart? Bring a delightful surprise from the oven to the table with the Gourmet Cheese Baker. Its BPA-free ceramic construction holds in the heat while a raised edge keeps your melty delicacy in place, so your guests can indulge in a beautifully baked camembert or brie! The smart Canadian Design features air-release holes, allowing vapor to escape while keeping all the flavor in. Dig in using the included stainless steel spreading knife, and you’re all set for sharing! Make sure to explore the included recipe booklet for delicious baking ideas. Which one will you try tonight?

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